Over time, silver will naturally tarnish as it becomes exposed to the air and comes into contact with things on the skin such as perfume and lotions. the best way to keep your jewellery looking clean for as long as possible is to keep it in the box provided when you are not wearing it. Having jewellery in the open exposed to oxygen will speed up the tarnishing process. There are many home remedies for cleaning silver - a quick google will show you the best way to work around what you already have in your cupboards!


Brass is a known metal to tarnish quickly, all my jewellery is sealed with wax to slow down the tarnishing process but it will inevitably happen as it will with all metals. Keeping the jewellery in a box out of light when you are not wearing it will help keep the jewellery clean for as long as possible. When your brass pieces do need brightening up, a quick and effective way is to clean them with tomato ketchup. Let the jewellery sit in a bowl of tomato ketchup for 2-5 mins, then rinse them with soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Don't wear your brass jewellery in the sea!


If the brass becomes dull and the botanical imprints are not as highlighted as they once were, I advise using some fine wire wool to rub down softly on the surface, this will brighten the metal, therefore making the oxidised imprint 'pop' as before. Fine wire wool can be purchased from DIY stores, online or at Wilko - alternatively please get in touch to have your piece re highlighted, I am happy to do it!

 If you would like your jewellery cleaned please get in touch and I will be happy to clean / re-oxidise anything.