7 simple ways I enhanced my market display for craft fairs

For small creative businesses, craft fairs and markets are one of the best ways to reach new customers and do some all important marketing. The way you display your products can have a huge impact on how memorable you are, how you draw people in and how many sales/interactions you receive on the day. As small creative businesses we spend hours making the perfect products with so much attention to detail, our display should reflect that. It took me a while to figure out how to display my work, and there's definitely improvements still to be made (it's all a journey right?!) But here's 7 simple ways I upped my stand game in 2023.


Display from Crocadon Farm market December 2023

Have you heard that snappy phrase, eye level is buy level? It's true. If your beautiful products are at a good height then it's easier for people to spot them, beeline for them and maybe even buy them, wouldn't that be lovely?! These IKEA trestle legs are admittedly everywhere now, but they do the job so well. The adjustable feature allows you to get your table top to the perfect height. It makes such a big difference to a shopping experience if customers aren't having to break their back bending down to look at products. So if you're not in a position to be able to afford an incredible free standing display (like moi) but know you need something other than that bog standard trestle table, this could be the solution. You can buy the table top seperately, or just get your own cheaper from a hardware store.


display from Plymouth Plant Fest, June 2023

It's no secret that I love green, and I found that deep green shade of my branding in a Dulux paint tester, yay! I painted the plywood arch my very talented brother made for me in the deep green of my branding, so that it was instantly recognisable. It keeps thing cohesive and adds to the memorability of your brand. Plus it makes it pretty easy for people to spot you if you see your branding colours shouting through the crowd.

 3. LOGO

Seems simple doesn't it, to have your logo or your business name somewhere on your stand very clear? For the first few years I went from very crudely drawing my logo onto a scrap piece of wood, to printing it onto a piece of paper and putting it in a frame, before realising my sister and fellow creative Mini Moon Devon had a cricut machine and was able to print vinyl transfers, hooray! Easy to apply and wipes clean.


Zero waste rings made from recycled silver with real fern imprints

Pricing is such a biggie at markets. Every single product needs to be priced else you could be missing out on sales - not everyone feels comfortable enough to ask a stall holder for the price of something (what if its massively out of my price range then I have to do the awkward muttering and walk away?!). So, price everything clearly. I now use these little pricing cubes, they're clear to see and easy to switch them up.


Having an example of packaging on your display allows a potential customer to see how their product would be beautifully packaged, especially if they're buying as a gift. This came in very handy at festive markets, along with branded gift bags on the Table. It can be another selling point and shows the attention to detail that only small businesses know how to do with so much care and creativity.


display from Plymouth Eco Market 2023

I was so late to the game with this one, after admiring everyone's fancy QR codes - technology which had passed me by if truth be told - I finally bought one from The Norfolk Laser Co and it works a treat. It's a great way for people to follow your socials there and then rather than relying on them trying to find your business card later on - the less work you make it for people, the better.


By this I mean all those little bits and bobs that my work is displayed on. The stacking rings are housed in ceramic dishes by Twinn Pottery, studs on backing cards displayed on the arch shelves by Dust Shack, little wooden displays from Saw it Loved it, ring holders by Shona's Solstice and more loveliness. It's always a joy if a fellow stall holder comments on an element of the display and I get to recommend another small business.

So that's how I upped my stand game in 2023 without having to shed out too much money! I love seeing how fellow makers get creative with their displays at markets and I'm sure my own will continue to evolve and grow as my business builds. You can find more waffle on my Instagram if you like the colour green and eco friendly bohemian jewellery!

Photography by Ramblin Folk Photography, Dark Tones Photography and Codie Photos

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